ABOUT BeneHorti

At Benehorti, we are passionate about cultivating a greener and more sustainable world. Our brand name originates from the Latin words "bene" (good) and "horti" (gardening), symbolizing our commitment to providing high-quality gardening solutions for people to enjoy a better home planting experience. Founded with the vision of enhancing home ecosystems and offering green, organic produce to consumers, we aim to bring the joy of gardening to every household while adding a touch of greenery to their surroundings.

Our product collection includes Raised Garden Beds, Hydroponic Grow Systems, Grow Tents, Grow Lights, Smart Grow Systems, and Outdoor Power Equipment, catering to all your home gardening needs. With aesthetically pleasing designs, user-friendly operation, and comprehensive functionalities, our products are designed to simplify and enrich your gardening experience. Through continuous research and innovation, we strive to make gardening easier and more enjoyable for all users.

As an environmentally conscious brand, we prioritize sustainability throughout our design and manufacturing process, aiming to provide eco-friendly and long-lasting products that contribute to a greener future. Beyond being a mere product supplier, we aspire to be your gardening journey's companion. Our professional guidance and support will help you overcome any challenges in your gardening journey and experience the beauty of nature firsthand.

Benehorti is dedicated to delivering high-quality home gardening products and services that improve living environments and bring the joy of planting to everyone. Whether you're a seasoned gardening enthusiast or just beginning your green journey, Benehorti offers the perfect products and services to make your gardening adventure smoother and more delightful.

EU Address: SHARLOMAY LTD, Agion Theodoron 6, Agios Athanasios, 4102, Limassol, Cyprus